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PKB Shortcodes

Custom HTML Code to Shortcodes Converter + Editor Button

Universal tool to convert custom HTML snippets to shortcodes. PKB Shortcodes is the administrative tool that allows you to create complex HTML output as simple shortcode (macros) and provide complex content to be created quickly. With macros you can use massive blocks of code in a few lines which finally minimises your time on site development. Any shortcode can be inserted in any type of the content (page, post or even text widget) via Shortcodes button that appears in the inline editor.

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Extension: Widget
Version: 1.0.0
Type: Commercial
Compatibility: 1.0.*

Build complex content using shortcodes

PKB Shortcodes widget is the administrative tool that gives site integrators an ability to implement complex HTML code in any content type with fine macros (shortcodes) that makes building the pages with complex design much more easier. Shortcodes support variables that allows flexible HTML snippets or JavaScript code to be implemented in short length macros with a minimum of fuss.

What yo can do with PKB Shortcodes:

  • Add complex HTML with a simple BBCode macros
  • Assign icons to each shortcode for better UX
  • Implement Uikit or Bootstrap elements as shortcode

PKB Shortcodes is a tool that provides an easier syntax for site integratiors to utilize and implement custom solutions inside of the content. No need a special widget - just create a shortcode and embed content of popular service or implement custom script in a fuss.

  • PKB Shortcodes - create an insert shortcodes to Pagekit
  • PKB Shortcodes - Macros editor for Pagekit
  • PKB Shortcodes - custom Pagekit shortcodes
PKB Shortcodes - universal Pagekit widget
PKB Shortcodes - universal Pagekit widget
PKB Shortcodes - universal Pagekit widget
PKB Shortcodes - universal Pagekit widget
  • PKB Shortcodes - Pagekit widget
  • PKB Shortcodes - Pagekit widget
  • PKB Shortcodes - Pagekit widget
  • PKB Shortcodes - Pagekit widget

Creating a Shortcode

The process of creation and administration is easy: you need to fill the Name, add Shortcode for Macros and for HTML output. Assigning an icon to the custom shortcode make UX more friendly.

Name: Type the name of your macros that will describe its action in a few words.

Macros Shortcode: here is your macros for further usage. Example:

[macros /] or [span class="{class}"]{text}[/span]

HTML Shortcode: HTML output that renders from your macros.

Macros Icon: You can assign an icon to your macros for better UX. You can click on Shortcodes button in inline editor and get the list of available macros.

This widget provides you an ability to create pages with custom design using the power of Uikit and embed any part of 3rd party solution (HTML and JavaScript) to your content without need of deep theme customisation.

HTML to Macros Converter

Complex HTML constructions can be used as a macros or shortcodes to be processed On the front-end. Easy administration and ability to assign an icon for better UX.

Inline Editor Compatible

Any custom shortcode can be inserted into the content via new button that appears in the inline editor. By clicking on it you will get a list of available shortcodes with icons.

Variables Support

Using variables you can extend usage of shortcodes by converting complex constructions from HTML snippets to short macros. Kind of street magic.

Use in any Content Type

Shortcodes can be added to any type of content (standard pages, blog posts and custom widgets) that is so useful for design of different pages layout with front-end framework elements.

Updates & Changelog

Version 1.0.0 - 2016-08-15

New Added Initial Release