Magic Slideshow for ZOO

Extend your ZOO Apps with Amazing Carousel & Slideshow Gallery

Magic Slideshow for ZOO brings a nice gallery feature in ZOO items and comes with different gallery modes to display images: carousel and slideshow. The element is responsive, have light-weight & clean code and add visually attractive light-box effect with touchpad support. There are a lot of settings to configure Magic Slideshow for ZOO according to your needs.

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Extension: Element
Version: 1.2.0
Type: Commercial
Compatibility: 3.9.*

A carousel gallery and slideshow element for ZOO

Looking for universal and great looking gallery for ZOO CCK? Magic Slideshow for ZOO is a light-weight element with flexible settings that provides slideshow feature in your items. It comes with various modes: carousel and slideshow that can be combined and be used multiple times per the content with custom settings. Using this element you can add various galleries inside of your content. Magic Slideshow for ZOO is fully responsive and support draggable feature to meet modern requirements of providing mobile friendly UI. Finally, a nice light-box effect makes your pictures more attractive with visualisation.

Magic Slideshow for ZOO will enrich personal blog, corporate website or news portal with must-have carousel feature that can keep up your content with photo gallery that forming positive idea to end user.

  • Magic Slideshow element for ZOO Admin Panel
  • Magic Slideshow element for ZOO Admin Panel
  • Magic Slideshow element for ZOO Admin Panel

There are flexible settings that easily can be configured and assigned miltiply to any ZOO App. Magic Slideshow for ZOO is recommended to use in wide range of websites to make your content more user friendly.

It's important for us to get feedback on the product: your ideas and suggestions.

Magic Slideshow element for ZOO Admin Panel

Element options

There are rich settings in Carousel mode providing you more features to customize element’s style. Here are some features and tips:

Add Sync Slideshow (Gallery Mode). When this option is enabled, the slideshow will be appeared under the carousel with thumbnails to display synchronized.

Render Section. For Teaser you can select carousel mode only, but for Full article you can select Add Sync Slideshow (Gallery Mode).

Carousel Mode. Carousel can be converted into slideshow if "Display only one item" option is enabled.

Flexible Customisation. There are lot of settings allowing you to customise size of thumbnails, define size for different devices and change limits of items, its order and etc. Example: For Teaser mode you can set up Slideshow with 3 photos, for Full mode it’s possible to display all photos + with other size and with using Add Sync Slideshow (Gallery Mode).


There are lot of ways to customise the carousel: you can use default CSS style or override it via Joomla template classes and make manual configuration of various params that responsive for visual effects: slide, rewind and pagination speed and much more. Just enable extra features in settings to meet the best result.

  • Modern Lightbox Effect
  • Responsive Design
  • Configure the Size for Desktop and Tablet Browsers
  • Change Thumbnail Ordering
  • Use Minified Style
  • Enable Lazy Load and Lazy Follow feature
  • Carousel and Gallery Mode
  • Stop Auto Play on Mouse Hover
  • Specify Width and Height params for Thumbnails
  • Draggable Thumbnails
  • Sync Slideshow
  • Light-weight and Clean Code
  • Define Slide Speed
  • Specify Number of Items to Display
  • Enable Auto Play
  • Use Transition Effect (Gallery Mode)
  • Enable Navigation
  • Auto Height Feature (optional)

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Updates & Changelog

Version 1.2.0 - 15.06.2016

Improved Added Grid Layouts

Version 1.1.0 - 27.01.2015

New Added Added max width slideshow parameter

Version 1.0.0 - 14.11.2015

New Added Initial Release