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  • This concept of NorrCompetition for an online competition, with many options for how it is presented, is well thought out and splendidly developed. The support is stellar. There's really nothing more to add. My oversights were handled as close to instantly as one could hope for. What a great deal for a very professionally produced component with many options and optional plugins for added functionality.

    Les Siemens
  • Running a portal during years, I came to the conclusion that it’s suitable to keep up all messages sent via Contact component in one place on website directly. With help of JMB CopyLetters it’s possible to manage all messages in Joomla back-end which is so suitable, either as a site administrator I’d like to control all incoming messages for different departments, so plugin solves practical problems.

    Rinat Batkaev
  • Open Graph for ZOO works great! It lets you set your Open Graph data for each ZOO item and works perfectly. The element is worth the money. OG Data is not something you can do without.

    Josh Alterman
  • Social Share for ZOO quite easy, even though I encountered a little problem that has been solved immediately by NorrNext support. I got a little problem with the counting mode of FB like and share, but got it solved very quickly thanks to the fast and awesome support. Got a "private" explanation including a short video tutorial from the support. Worth its money.

  • This product works great! It lets you set your OG data for each ZOO item and works perfectly.

    RedZero, Inc.
  • It is the best menu module for Joomla 3 out of all on this site. I've tried about 20, and this one seems to be very good.

  • It works and save you a lot of time! It looks very nice indeed! Install and write your code to apply the module in any article. Perfect!